Tiffany Thomas: Florida Woman Just Wants to “Regain Normalcy” After Pfizer mRNA Injection, Guillain-Barré and POTS Diagnoses

Ms. Tiffany Thomas.

LAND O’ LAKES, FLORIDA — Ms. Tiffany Thomas owns a small business called Emerging People. Its mission is to provide in-home services for people with developmental disabilities. Now she needs the services that she provided others for more than a decade.

Ms. Thomas received her first and only Pfizer mRNA injection on April 6, according to her Facebook page. Everything seemed fine for nearly two weeks, until her entire existence flipped upside down on April 18. She was rushed to the emergency room with a plethora of symptoms, including convulsions, inability to speak complete sentences, dizziness, and memory loss. Two more emergency room visits followed in the next two weeks. < continue reading

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