Truth Confirmed: Research Proves Two More “Conspiracy Theories” Related To Vaccine Shedding, Pregnant Women To Be True All Along

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The NBC News tool we wrote about last week, Brandy Zadrozny, is now the standard of comparison for vaxx zealots on this blog. This person, who is also a pedophile supporter, tells the vaxx zealot populace at-large how and what to think, how to deny reality, and how to deny indisputable truth.

For example, this blogger spoke with Zadrozny about Pfizer board member James C. Smith. He was the President and CEO of Thomson Reuters until 2020. Smith is also currently the Chairman of the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

Thus all Reuters “fact-check” articles are inherently biased misinformation due to the blatant conflicts of interest with Pfizer. Zadrozny said this fact is irrelevant because Thomson Reuters, the Reuters Foundation, and Reuters are all independent of one another. She was shown the bottom of the Reuters Fact Check page that clearly states “Reuters, the news and media division of Thomson Reuters.” < continue reading & to watch video