U.S. Military Personnel Continue Dying Suddenly and Unexpectedly as Mainstream Media Deflect Most Attention to Suicide

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We wrote a story in January about 46-year-old Duncan Foster. The 20-year U.S. Army veteran suffered two heart attacks within three months after his first Moderna mRNA injection. Mr. Foster posted a Facebook update on February 9, saying there are “some bad days still, but mostly good days.” He also said something that encompasses a soldier’s reality in the U.S. military:

“[I’ve been] a pin cushion for vaccine[s] and shots my whole Army career,” Mr. Foster said.

Court battles between military personnel and the Pentagon related to mRNA and viral vector DNA injections are ongoing. The federal courts ordered the military to respect the religious beliefs of soldiers, airmen and sailors who refuse the injections. But the U.S. Supreme Court stopped short of allowing further interference with military operations. It struck down a Texas federal judge’s order prohibiting the Navy from making deployment decisions based on vaccination status.

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