Vaccine industry stages FAKE FLU SHOT using syringe with no needle as part of vaccine propaganda push

by Ethan Huff

Canadian Health Minister Christine Elliott recently made an appearance at a Rexall drugstore in Ontario where she claims to have gotten a “free” flu shot. But video evidence shows that there wasn’t actually a needle in the syringe that was pressed up against her arm, proving once again that when it comes to politicians, it’s always vaccine for thee, but not for me.

As part of the staged influenza propaganda that rears its ugly head every year around this time, Elliott pretended to set an example for others to follow by encouraging ordinary Americans to line up and get jabbed for their own “protection.” But she apparently couldn’t be bothered to actually follow through with getting jabbed herself.

Many were quick to point out several anomalies with Elliott’s supposed flu shot, including the fact that as the nurse pulled away the syringe there was no visible needle. The direction in which the nurse pulled the syringe was also in a lateral direction, which wouldn’t have been possible had a needle actually been present.

The strange indentation in Elliott’s arm was also inconsistent with what would have normally appeared had there been an actual needle in the syringe. The plunger also didn’t move at all during the supposed injection, which it would have had there been a needle in it.

Perhaps the strongest piece of evidence was the fact that, after supposedly removing the needle, there was clearly no evidence of a puncture in Elliott’s arm. The nurse also didn’t apply any cotton or a bandage, but rather just walked away, which isn’t normal protocol during a real vaccine injection. < click to continue reading

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