Vaccine Injuries – Blanca Aranda-Cox

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First Dose of Moderna in 12/2020

Second Dose of Moderna in 01/2021

Oakland, California

52 yrs old

Q: What was your life like before you got the vaccine?

I worked full time as an RN in a large pediatric hospital. I exercised 4 times per week. I enjoyed gardening and hiking with my family. I was very active in my home and out of it.

Q: Would you like to share your reasons for getting vaccinated?

I work in healthcare.

Q: What was your reaction, symptoms, & timeline?

I had immediate pin prick, itchy sensation ALL over my body. Subsequently had excruciating pain in right rib case and scapula, spread to left side, arms, hands, lower back, hips, legs, feet. Also face, neck and scalp. I have been diagnosed with disseminated small fiber neuropathy, on 3 medications. Took opioids for 8 months. I have inflammation in hands and feet. I cannot wear shoes or walk more than a few blocks at one time. My feet hurt the most.

Q: What is your life like now, after getting the vaccine?

I have not been able to work, exercise or participate in life as before for the past 16 months!!!! All activities of daily life are impacted. I have pain in most joints and also in most muscles.

I spend a lot of time on my Lazy boy watching TV, something I never did before getting the vaccine. < continue reading