Vaccine Injuries – Frances Forgione

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First Dose of Moderna in 02/2021

Second Dose of Moderna in 03/2021

Denver, Colorado

60 yrs old

Q: What was your life like before you got the vaccine?

Happy & healthy, very active. Rarely got sick or even had colds.

Q: Would you like to share your reasons for getting vaccinated?

To protect others and myself, or so I thought. At the time I thought it was best thing to do. Very little info on risks was given and maybe not known enough at that point. But the CDC needs to start listening/researching and not just pushing vaccines for all. I understand there is a balance for the good of all with stopping this disease and personal risks.

Q: What was your reaction, symptoms, & timeline?

Symptoms started in Feb & March 2021, with sensory issues on my back – clothes felt like sandpaper on my skin, sometimes felt like a sunburn when I didn’t have one, or at times like acid under my skin.

By April 2021, started to experience strange tingling, burning, buzzing, vibrating in various parts of body – feet, legs, arms, spine, back of head.

By May, 2021, I could not even sleep on cotton sheets, as it was too painful.

Pain, burning, the feeling of sand in my clothes also spread to top of legs and parts of arms. That’s when I started pain meds. I couldn’t wear 95% of the clothes in my closet.

Q: What is your life like now, after getting the vaccine?

I have daily pain that I manage over the past year. I’m weary of trying to sort out what is wrong, what doctors to see, and what to do about it. I’ve spend 1-2 hours per day researching online. Only recently have I found others who are willing to look at all this stuff related to vaccines or find articles researching these matters. I try to keep a positive attitude and my faith in Jesus/God, who understands suffering and brings hope and new life.

Symptoms are worse on cold days and when I don’t get good sleep.

I can only wear things made of nylon or some types of fleece. Even seams in the hem of clothes can hurt on my skin.

If I didn’t have pain meds I couldn’t function, as it would be unbearable.

I am a counselor and meet with people daily on Zoom. I recently had a client tell me that she couldn’t see a counselor who didn’t understand chronic pain. “Well, I guess I’m a good fit then”, I said. I found myself praying for many of you on this website when I read your stories. I would love to talk to anyone whose symptoms resemble mine. < continue reading