Vaccine Safety Research Foundation Data Shows Nobody Under The Age of 60 Should Get The COVID Vaccine

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05/19/2022 / By Mary Villareal

Data from over 1,500 death reports showed that nobody under the age of 60 should get the COVID vaccine.

An analysis done by the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation Executive Director Steve Kirsch revealed there had been more deaths than expected among vaccinated people in a population control group.

This, according to Kirsch, is a precautionary principle that suggests it is much safer for people under the age of 60 to remain unvaccinated. While there could be errors in the analysis or survey bias errors that could change the result, the preliminary data showed that taking the vaccine is dangerous. (Related: Investigation proves Pfizer vaccine offers less than 1% protection against COVID-19.)

In a mortality survey, he asked people to report the date, age and vaccine status of the people who died after December 1, 2020, with whom they have the closest relationships. This could mean that a single person could report about as many deaths as he can for people they personally knew, beginning with the person closest to them.

All deaths are to be reported, no matter the cause, as long as these individuals died after the given date.

The first set of results from 1,700 reports revealed that nobody under 60 years old should get the vaccine as there had been no evidence that this could benefit them. People aged 40 to 60 are found to be more likely to die from the vaccine itself.

It also showed that the younger a person is, the more likely it is for the vaccine to be dangerous. These results are more consistent with what censored individuals have been saying that the government and mainstream media did not want the public to know.

What is interesting, according to Kirsch, is that people over the age of 60 are more likely to get benefits from the vaccine, which is inconsistent with Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) data, embalmer data and Medicare data.

Due to the conflicting evidence, Kirsch believes it is safer to avoid the COVID vaccines for all ages. (Related: Recently released Pfizer documents show mRNA COVID-19 vaccine can cause 1,291 different adverse events.) < continue reading & to watch video