Vaccines And The Fear Surrounding Them

By Samuel Di Gangi

Vaccines, and the many woes associated with them, have been filling the headlines over the last few years, but how much of it is warranted? There are some people who tend to call all concerns with vaccines “conspiracy” minded, yet for everyone on the right like Natural News or Prison Planet who are sounding the alarms, there are far leftists out there like Robert De Nero, who are also warning others.  De Nero has even produced documentaries outlining the facts behind his concerns as they relate to autism and other maladies. So, to begin with, we can forget about the idea that this is a “left vs. right” discussion.

Autism is a major talking point for those who fret over vaccines, and it seems with good reason. One of the problems is the fact that a mercury-based preservative known as Thirmerosol is used in vaccines, and this known toxin has been tied to autism and other illnesses in a whole slew of studies.  Research by NY Times best selling author, Dr. Joseph Mercola, shows significant harm from receiving just one mercury-containing vaccine:  (  This brings to mind two questions: 1) are some people predisposed to problems with Thirmersol while others are not, and 2) how much Thirmersol is “too much” for just about anyone?

The latter question is quite concerning, especially in this day and age, when people are told to get a flu shot every year, even though mercury is cumulative in the body. This preservative never leaves the body, and the more a patient is injected, the more of it there is to wreak havoc with their health.

Today, big-pharma is pushing all kinds of vaccines, including  of course, flu vaccines.  This begs the question, then, why would most people risk injecting mercury into their body for an illness like the flu, something that a normal healthy person overcomes within a week or so?  For that matter,  many doctors and medical experts recommend that for most people, raising your daily levels of vitamin C intake (roughly 3,000 mg a day) is enough to ward off the flu. No shot needed.

That being said, there are concerns that go far beyond autism. Children’s Health Defense web site has a very informative article showing that “mercury is not safe in any form”: ( They also write (with sources to back it up) “exposure has been linked to attention disorders, speech delays, language problems, Tourette Syndrome, seizures, epilepsy, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, narcolepsy, heart disordersneurological disorders, asthma, and allergies. Over 165 peer-reviewed scientific studies show a link between Thimerosal and neurological injuries.” Yes, over “165 peer-reviewed scientific studies.”  Let that fact sink in. 

Still have your doubts?  Listen to the parents of real world vaccine victims share their tragic stories on Vaxxed TV:

While some doctors claim otherwise, Thirmersol has NOT been removed from vaccines. It’s also a myth that there are only “trace amounts” of Thirmersol in vaccines, so it’s easy to see why informed people are rightly worried. (For the record, a “trace amount” is 1mcg – vaccines have 25mcg)

So, if vaccines can lead to that lengthy list of health disorders even for just a percentage of people, why risk it? Are there times when the jab is worth the gamble?  As one would imagine, there are two schools of thought on this, as well.

In one camp, there are those who look at the data and say, “No, never, NOT happening.”

The other camp looks at the illness being prevented. For example, if a civilian contractor being employed by the military is being sent to an area where terrorists have been using anthrax, it may be wise to risk that one vaccine, since there is a likelihood that anthrax will be something that’s encountered.  For the “average Joe” however, it would obviously be foolish to risk having to suffer the side effects of such a vaccine.

It must be remembered that there are a lot of medical professionals who have shown powerful data suggesting that it’s not only the number of vaccines received, but also the number of vaccines given at one time which pose the greatest danger to those who allow such injections. In other words, getting a polio vaccination may be worth the risk to some families, since polio is such a dreadful illness, but adding five, ten, or more vaccines at the same time for a myriad of other things can lead to nightmares like autism, mental retardation, and more.

This leaves the people to decide for themselves what’s worth the risk and what isn’t.  To buy into the lie that all vaccines are safe is to ignore the mounds and mounds of data proving otherwise. That is a truth that big-pharma and others do not want being told.

There will always be those who say that the people who do not get vaccinated are a risk to everyone, and this is the most foolhardy notion of all.  If the vaccines work, and those who get them are protected from, let’s say, measles, then how are those who are not vaccinated a threat to those who are? If vaccines work to protect those vaccinated, then those who do not get vaccinated are only a threat to others who were not vaccinated! The fact that this even needs to be said is pure silliness.

This means that everyone needs to study the facts, and not rely solely on data published by those tied to the very industry which is trying to sell the vaccines. Anything less is to put the health of those injected at great risk…..a gamble that more and more people are thankfully questioning.

Samuel Earl Di Gangi is a writer, political commentator, graphic artist, DJ, and musician with a strong pro-Libertarian & pro-Christian lean. He is the curator of “The Correct Views”, or “TCV”, which is a member show of the newsgroup “The Media Speaks”.  

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