Vaxx Zealots Gone Wild: Triple-Vaxxed and Sick Wonder What’s Happening, While 2 die After Virtue Signaling, Comparing Non-Vaccinated to Fecal Matter

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Sights like this are becoming more common across the globe.

Happy belated Father’s Day everyone. Hug your dad as U.S. society is eliminating fathers from the nuclear family structure as part of the depopulation agenda. This blogger’s dad would be 79 today if he were here, and guaranteed, would be non-vaccinated. But we’re in 2022. Vaxx zealot social media drama was inevitable to somehow take the spotlight away from dad and shine it back on the cult of COVID-19.

Taylor Lorenz vs. Matthew Yglesias on Father’s Day

Mr. Matthew Yglesias is a journalist who writes for Bloomberg and a few other publications. He’s “vaxxed and relaxed,” according to his Twitter profile. He is obviously in the vaxx zealot camp. In fact he and his vaxx zealot buddy at the Washington Post, Taylor Lorenz, exchanged pleasantries, mocking the Trumps and promoting the injections just one week ago. < continue reading & to watch video