Voting Fraud: How It Happens And What Can Be Done



by Samuel Di Gangi

Voter fraud is on the rise, the same politicians keep getting elected over and over again….and we wonder why nothing ever changes, and why Washington politicians ignore the mandates from the citizens who elected them. One has to wonder how much of an influence voter fraud and the illegal vote has had on the current political state in this country.

Isn’t it time to change the way we vote, so that our votes actually count, instead of being effectively nullified by voter fraud?

Take voter ID for example.  States which require only a driver’s license at the polls, without proof of citizenship, have effectively already allowed countless illegals to vote.  As if that isn’t bad enough, over 15 states, including huge states like California & N.Y., still do not require any ID whatsoever to vote.

It should go without saying that this is completely unacceptable for a first-world country which prides itself as leader of the free world, and for anyone who doesn’t want to live in a banana republic where elections are decided by corrupt tyrants.  Issuing driver’s licenses to illegals without displaying their status on the license is a huge, huge error. All states should consider legislation which would mandate that non-citizens be only allowed to obtain an international driver’s license, instead of a state license. This would serve to not only help keep the roads safe, but since the licenses look so different, it would easily help prevent illegal aliens from voting….at least in some states.

Also, as the Hill has pointed out, “… illegal immigrants aren’t allowed to directly vote for the commander-in-chief yet, but in vast numbers they can dramatically alter the Electoral College to favor Democrats for at least a decade, because a state’s electoral votes are based on the number of people residing within that state, not the number of citizens present when the Census is taken.

In other words, illegals simply being counted among the population is enough to shift the number of Electoral College votes allotted to each state. If this is something that seems like a minor nuance, one need only look to the 2016 election in the National Archives to see the impact each state has in terms of votes. States like California, which have huge numbers of illegals, certainly have a lot more sway in national elections than they deserve.

Voter Fraud

The truth is there are more holes in the system, in it’s present form, than there are in a warehouse full of Swiss Cheese. If this is allowed to continue, it will be the very death of our nation, leaving the U.S. existing in name only. We certainly won’t be united once we realize our elections are being regularly stolen through voter fraud.

Fortunately, there are ideas, which if implemented and enforced, have the potential to ensure that only the votes that should be counted, are counted.

Maybe a good start would be making it well-known that voter fraud is a felony, which can land you 3.5 years behind bars and looking at a $10,000 fine. This may help, but needless to say, it certainly won’t stop everyone.


Making sure that each state is enforcing a rule to mandate photo ID seems prudent, but the problem is that it isn’t always being done. Some on the left have even said that requesting any photo ID is “racist.” Oddly enough, it sounds more racist to assume that a person of color can’t manage to navigate life enough to obtain an ID. But as is often the case, the left can get away with almost anything….if they call it “racist”.

Another widespread problem is one voter voting multiple times in different counties…and sometimes even in different states. One way to help ensure that a person is only voting once is to use a staining agent, ink, or hand-stamp at the polls.  Yes, if someone tries and scrubs enough and/or has the right cleaning agents, sometimes they can get the ink off. Even with that being true, it is not likely that many people will put forth that much effort to vote more than once. In most elections, it’s hard enough to get people to show up to vote once. Inking or stamping is cost effective, and even dire states, like Iraq, had the “purple fingers” system working wonderfully, as early as their first election. If Iraq can implement measures to help ensure the integrity of the vote, especially after just going through a war, than certainly the United States can too.

One-Person, One-Vote?

To further eliminate sources of fraud, some pundits have put forth the idea that early voting and mail-in voting should be allowed only for the military, and for those who have a special and provable need to vote that way.

Then there’s one of the left’s favorites, “ballot harvesting,” a devious scheme that is constantly being pushed by Democrats in California, which allows absentee ballots to be collected with little to no supervision. This practice, clearly, must be made illegal, and the sooner, the better, as Real Clear Politics has shown. They also showed that Democrats who support the practice, suddenly do not support the practice if election results don’t go their way. This, to some, is a huge red flag.

Perhaps one of the most easily preventable problems are those caused by the voting machines themselves, which have become common in the modern era.  As recently as this election cycle, Mayor Pete Buttigieg and his campaign were called into question when it was discovered that he was tied to the people working with the machines. This is not something that would happen if America simply went back to paper ballots. But, of course, that solution is too simple.

An electronic voting machines that produces a paper receipt from Election Services

The modern voting machines of today are commonly used and favored for their supposed ease. In the event that they are compromised, there needs to be redundancy in the system to serve as a check.  That redundancy could be in the form of multiple copy paper receipts provided by the machine showing a date/time stamp, voting location, machine ID number, and listing the candidate choices the voter selects. One copy remains with the voter who initials all the receipts to verify that their choices were correctly recorded.   The other copies go to a representative of each party.

Then, following the calculation of the results, staff members from each party on the ballot hand count all of the voter receipts while being monitored by representatives from each of those parties. The fact that this is often not done should come as a shock to any American who cares about the honesty of the system, and the importance of their vote.


From that point, once the results from the machine tabulations match the results of the hand counting, a winner is declared.

In the event that the totals do not match up, particularly if this affects who the winner is to be, then an equal number of staff from all represented parties should be present as a recount is conducted. The results of this final paper count determine the official winner.

 Only after this exhaustive process is completed should a winner be declared. Any voting machine that was found or suspected of causing an error – which can be traced back by the use of the ID number of the machine during the hand count – can then be repaired or replaced.

Other ideas have been presented, too. The New York Times has shown reasons why internet voting, for example, needs to be shelved (at least for now). Even the National Conference Of State Legislators has agreed.

The Times also suggested that “all states adopt some method of comparing their registration databases with those of other states to eliminate duplicates from voters who have moved. That would eliminate instances in which voters cast ballots in two locations undetected.” In this age of technology, the fact that this isn’t done is inexcusable.

Lastly, much of this may seem like common sense measures which should have been in place in every state for decades, but strangely and sadly….that’s not the case. The New York Times closed their piece by saying that just taking more time to ensure that elections are accurate would help a lot. If that, too, needs to be said, America could be in big trouble at election time.

Then again, that is why the people are put front and center in the Constitution. The people have the power to force Uncle Sam’s hand if the issue matters enough to them. Hopefully, America is not too lost for this to still matter.

After all, that’s what the greatness of our country is counting on.


Samuel Earl Di Gangi is a writer, political commentator, graphic artist, DJ, and musician with a strong pro-Libertarian & pro-Christian lean. He is the curator of “The Correct Views”, or “TCV”, which is a member show of the newsgroup “The Media Speaks”.  

You can contact Sam directly at


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