WARNING: Discussions I Had Secretly With FDA, NIH, CDC, Moderna & Pfizer official(s) July/Aug 2020 Told Me That They Feared These COVID Injections Can & WILL Kill Healthy Children; Will KILL Our Kids

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06/21/2022 / By News Editors

06/21/2022 / By News Editors

I start by stating again, no healthy child in the U.S., or Germany, Sweden, etc., has died of COVID after a COVID infection. Not one!

(Article by Dr. Paul Alexander republished from PAlexander.Substack.com)

I warn again, these injections will kill normal healthy children. They are not properly safety tested. I warn again. Moving to inject our 6 month to 4 years children with a gene delivery platform is very very dangerous. Reckless. There is no sound justification for this.

There is no one in the US government, globally even, or in public health, who can talk on the COVID lockdowns and this COVID vaccine (mRNA) like myself, for I worked there, worked with them. I was hammering from on the inside and high level scientists FDA, CDC, NIH, Moderna etc. and officials sought me out secretly and confidentially to tell me how much they agreed with me and Atlas etc. and feared for their careers and safety if they spoke out at the garbage Fauci and Francis Collins et al. were saying and doing with the lockdown lunacy and the very vaccine they were working on. They feared massive deaths in some years to come and auto-immune devastating diseases due to the COVID vaccines (mRNA) and feared that children, healthy children will die, not may, but ‘will’, and that they were not candidates for the COVID vaccine and they told me shockingly that they never and do not study the vaccine safety and that the short duration they were using was purposeful (as well as under sizing) to NOT detect any safety signals.

See here (point 8), CDC plans to rush tomorrow Friday and Saturday to vote to approve these failed and harmful injections in kids, with potential harms to accrue as seen in adults.

Why you must push hard now and say NO, where no parent must allow these shots in their healthy kids? It is because your child has zero liability protection courtesy of Azar. You have no tort recourse. None. Your child can be harmed and die from the injections and you can do nothing about it.

1)This LANCET study shows you that

SOURCE: Variation in the COVID-19 infection–fatality ratio by age, time, and geography during the pre-vaccine era: a systematic analysis

“Age-specific IFR estimates form a J shape, with the lowest IFR occurring at age 7 years (0·0023%, 95% uncertainty interval [UI] 0·0015–0·0039)”

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