What Can Be More Un-American Than Stealing An Election?


by — Ben Garrison

Did the Democrats decide to start a civil war at the polls and not tell Trump voters? Do they think we’re going to fall in line, smile, and accept it like their media instructs us to do? Such rampant and coordinated ‘ballots on pallets’ had to be well planned in advance along with COVID-19.

It might be hard to fathom at first, but upon reflection it’s easy to see how Democrats can easily cast tradition, patriotism, and morals aside in order to make sure their side won. Public schools, universities, and the Democrat-led media all tell their followers that America is evil, systemically racist, and ‘unequal.’ America’s past is portrayed as reprehensible and so completely tainted by racism and inequality that it’s worthy only of total destruction. The Democrat’s cynical hatred for America helps make it easier for them to usher in their globalism and socialism. With that collective mindset, of course the Democrats are going to cheat during elections! The end justified the means in their equality-addled minds.

The mail-in ballots were put in place to strategically to allow blatant cheating. Without cheating they knew Sleepy Joe stood no chance and Joe knew it, too. It’s why he spent a lot of time in the basement. He drew pitifully small crowds when he did get out, but none of it mattered. He knew he had the election in the bag, along with his son Hunter’s crack pipe.

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