Why are we panicked about a virus that’s so mild you have to be tested in order to know if you even have it?

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If Covid is so lethal and spreading like wildfire, why do the numbers have to be manipulated to make it appear like there are more cases and more deaths than there really are?


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If wearing masks and social distancing are so important for fighting Covid, why hasn’t it stopped the virus from spreading?

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If Covid test results are resulting in 50-80% and higher false positives, why are the tests still mandatory, and why are they still being used?



If vaccines are so safe and effective, why do they need to mandate them, and insist on liability protection if they harm you?



Why is the guy who assisted in the creation of the virus, and stands to make millions from the vaccines to treat it, put in charge of protecting us from it?

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Why did we destroy our economy, put millions out of work, and suspend our most basic constitutionally-guaranteed and God-given freedoms for a virus which has over a 98% survival rate?

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