Why were we whipped up into a panic about a virus that’s so mild you have to be tested in order to know if you even have it?  A virus which, if no other health issues are present, has killed under 10,000 in the U.S., according to the CDC……when the U.S. death rate from the seasonal flu averages between 80,000 and 120,000 each and every year.

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Why was Fauci, who assisted in the creation of the virus, and stands to make millions from the vaccines and drugs to treat it, put in charge of protecting us from it?  Why is he not being investigated, along with his colleague Bill Gates, for their links to the pharmaceutical industry and their roles in promoting the Covid hoax for their own personal gain?Why 9

If Covid is so lethal and spreads like wildfire, why are the numbers being manipulated to make it appear like there are more cases and more deaths than there really are?

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If lock-downs, wearing masks, and social distancing are so important in fighting Covid, why hasn’t any of it stopped the virus from spreading?

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If Covid test results are resulting in 50-90% FALSE positives, why are the tests still mandatory in some places, and why are they still being used at all?


If vaccines are so safe and effective, why does government need to mandate them, and provide pharmaceuticals liability protection if they harm you?


Why are grocery stores and other businesses complying with illegal and unconstitutional government mandates to require masks and social distancing in their stores?  Why aren’t communities organizing and confronting store owners with threats of boycotts and lawsuits for implementing these draconian mandates?

download (6)Why did we destroy our economy, put millions out of work, and suspend our most basic constitutionally-guaranteed and God-given freedoms for a virus which has over a 99% survival rate?

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