Will You Allow Big Pharma to Install its ‘Computer Operating System’ Into Your Body?


When corporate media outlets start beating their collective drums for a single, one-size-fits-all medical treatment, let the alarm bells ring. Something sinister is afoot.

And right now, all of the most notoriously elitist media companies in America are shilling for you, dear reader, to get the shot.

They say it will protect you against the Wuhan virus, renamed COVID-19 as to remove from our memories the place from which it originated. That would be a bio-weapons lab run by the Chinese Communist Party in Wuhan, China.

Take for example the headline and lead-in to this article from The Atlantic: “The Second COVID-19 Shot Is a Rude Awakening for Immune Cells: Side effects are just a sign that protection is kicking in as it should.”

In another article, The Atlantic makes the case for government mandating every American to get vaccinated.

These media shills work in concert with government bureaucrats like Dr. Fauci, who is now saying the “key to achieving herd immunity lies in vaccinating children,” reports Yahoo News.

Get that? They want to deliver an experimental mRNA vaccine into the bodies of your children. That’s despite the fact that children are the least vulnerable to death or serious illness from the Wuhan virus.

I suspect there may be other, more nefarious reasons for targeting children which have something to do with the genetically modified coding markers embedded in the vaccine, but let’s leave that for another day.

Why is the media so energized in making sure you get injected with an experimental biological agent that is said to be a vaccine but does not behave like any previous vaccine and offers none of the protections of previous vaccines? Why was this vaccine allowed to be brought to market without going through the normal stages of testing for safety and efficacy?

Why the rush when we already have effective treatments in the form of antimicrobials like hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin?

These are questions any honest press would be asking right now. But instead they feed us the propaganda from the Bill Gates-funded CDC and WHO and their partners in Big Pharma.

As an antidote to this propaganda, watch the interview Alex Newman conducted in January with Dr. Lee Merritt, an orthopedic surgeon for 27 years, including 10 years as a spinal surgeon for the U.S. military and past president of the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons. (partial clip below)


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