With No Orders, Africa’s First COVID-19 Vaccine Plant May Close

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ByMichelle Edwards

The first facility to produce COVID-19 “vaccines” in Africa is on the brink of closure. Despite being assured by COVAX and others that there would be enough demand for the only COVID jab produced in Africa, the continent’s biggest drug company has received no orders. South Africa’s Aspen Pharmacare signed a licensing agreement late last year to bottle and sell the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 “vaccine,” but six months later, an overall drop-off in demand for the shot has put the plans in doubt. 

Africa was initially left out of the rush for vaccines early in the pandemic, and the licensing deal was hailed by many, including the World Health Organization (WHO), as a lifeline for the continent. However, as reported by FT, the resistance to getting the “vaccine” reflects faltering demand in South Africa and is part of a broader trend across the continent. Only 5 percent of Africa’s population has received a booster shot, and just under a third of the 60 million people there are double vaccinated. 

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