Big Pharma Distributor Faces Federal Criminal Charges Over Opioid Crisis

The nation’s sixth-largest pharmaceutical distributor is facing federal criminal charges over its role in the opioid crisis sweeping the country, according to the New York Times.  Rochester Drug Cooperative and two former company officials were charged on Tuesday with defrauding the federal government and conspiracy to distribute drugs. The case was brought by the US attorney’s office

Cuban Pastor, Wife Sentenced to 2 Years in Prison for Homeschooling

by Frances Martel The Cuban communist regime sentenced Evangelical Pastor Ramón Rigal to two years in prison – and his wife Ayda Expósito to a year and half – on Monday for homeschooling their children, less than a week after their arrest for promoting the practice. “The family … were given 30 minutes notice before the

Saudis Conduct Mass Beheadings Of 37, Mostly Shiites, With Two Crucified

It’s being described as “the largest mass execution of Shiites in the kingdom’s history” — and it didn’t take place in an official US enemy country like Assad’s Syria or Putin’s Russia or even North Korea. On Tuesday Saudi Arabia (where else?) beheaded 37 Saudi citizens, the vast majority of which have been identified as minority Shiites in

Kushner: You know what did more harm than 2016’s Russian interference?

Three guesses, and the first two don’t count. Jared Kushner made a rare appearance at a Q&A forum earlier today sponsored by Time Magazine, and talk turned quickly to the outcome of the special counsel investigation. Kushner called the probe and the Mueller report “a big distraction,” and told the moderator that the investigation itself

Volatility Is Dead, Until It Isn’t

Submitted by Nicholas Colas of DataTrek It isn’t just US equities that exhibit abnormally low expected future price volatility with a CBOE VIX Index reading of just 12.4 today. Implied Volatilities (what the VIX measures) for Emerging Market bonds/stocks, precious metals, and long dated Treasuries are all at or very near 1-year lows just now.

Trollery and More Serious Things

Most fanatical Twitter trolls aren’t being paid for their work and probably are not driven by any cold-eyed long-term calculation of self-interest. The Corner | National Review < click to continue reading

The major players of “Bureaucratic Medicine”

(Natural News) Hippocrates, the famous 4th century father of modern medicine, famously said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Early medical pioneers like Hippocrates understood that you are what you eat, that exercise makes for a healthy mind and healthy body, that disease can both be prevented and beaten, and that…

Dems struggle to out-liberal each other at CNN town halls

I spent part of the morning going through the highlight reels of CNN’s five-hour marathon of town halls last night. It’s too soon to see if they’ve solved their problem with low ratings for these dog and pony shows, but they’ve at least managed to generate some clickable headlines. While we don’t seem to have

Pelosi takes go-slow approach toward impeachment

Democrats held a conference call today to discuss the prospect of impeaching President Trump in light of the Mueller report. Politico reports that Nancy Pelosi continued to suggest a go-slow approach: “We can investigate Trump without drafting articles,” she said during a call with HouseDemocrats, referring to articles of impeachment,according to sources on the call.

Barclays Slashes Banker Bonuses As Activist Showdown Looms

Jes Staley’s battle to save one of Europe’s last bulge-bracket investment banks from a marauding activist who is hoping to force his way onto the bank’s board during Barclay’s May 2 GAM has necessitated an abrupt about-face: After a year where Barclays poured resources into the investment bank to beef up its international presence, the

Out: AOC. In: Li’l AOC.

Something cute to cleanse the palate in case you missed it over the weekend. OMG An AOC mini-me! She nails it! #Priceless — Todd With Trump (@THeinrich22) April 20, 2019 I bet she’s already being mentioned 76 times a day on Li’l Fox News. Big AOC hasn’t tweeted about her mini-me as of 3:30

Did you know that “dirty electricity” causes electrical pollution that’s linked to health problems?

(Natural News) Wireless technology is not the only source of electromagnetic field pollution in the modern home. The electrical wires running through the typical house can generate “dirty electricity” that is harmful to a person’s well-being. The standard electrical frequency throughout North America is 60 hertz. However, there is an increasing number of different frequencies that are…

The Trump Administration’s Iran Policy Will Hasten Imperial Decline

Authored by Michael Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog, There was a postwar order, but was it liberal?  Like most political orders, it looked much better on paper than it did in practice and to the core members of the order than those on the margins… Liberal values were only remotely attached to the postwar institutions. 

One Deep Breath, Not Two

Viewers spent most of the episode trying to figure out who is going to be killed next. The Corner | National Review < click to continue reading

Dem Claims Trump Supporters Not ‘Patriots,’ Trump Is ‘Klan’

Maxine Waters is about to be relegated to the same level as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: too irretrievably stupid to waste time listening to, and too arrogantly idiotic to recognize that she is a lunatic. Waters, the career democrat who has called for violence against Trump supporters and conservatives, appeared on MSNBC’s AM Joy program on Sunday

NY Times: The socialism of Bernie Sanders isn’t really socialism

The NY Times published a piece last Friday titled “Socialist! Capitalist! Economic Systems as Weapons in a War of Words.” The piece is a sort of interview with Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz who is eager to argue that the kind of socialism now emerging in the United States isn’t really socialism or at least

Americans Are In Deep Trouble: 23% Save Nothing From Paychecks

Authored by Mac Slavo via, Americans continue to dig themselves in a deeper and deeper hole.  While many have no savings, they continue to pile on the debt and liabilities.  All of these problems will make the next recession difficult for most to get through financially. A new report by Forbes states that 23% (nearly one

The best defense: Trump sues Congress to block access to financial records

“Offensive operations,” George Washington once wrote, “often times is the surest, if not the only (in some cases) means of defence.” Count this among the few times that Donald Trump can claim similarity with the first president. In hoping to forestall Democratic fishing expeditions into his private finances, Trump sued Congress today to block executions

Don’t be fooled: “biochar” is just incinerated biosludge

(Natural News) Just in case a cabal of criminals tries to pull the same scam again, should you come across an alleged “green energy” investment opportunity that promises big returns through the production of so-called “biochar,” don’t fall for it: Biochar is nothing more than incinerated biosludge, which in and of itself is a “green…