WILLIAMS: Academic Stupidity And Brainwashing

Just when we thought colleges could not spout loonier ideas, we have a new one from American University. They hired a professor to teach other professors to grade students based on their “la… Daily Wire < click to continue reading

“Climate Change” Is A Hoax

I hate science, evidently, because I’m woke to the manifest … Conservative news, politics, opinion, breaking news analysis, political cartoons and commentary – Townhall < click to continue reading

Why Democrats Are Backing Away From Assault Weapon Ban

The Democratic debate last night was filled with all kinds of calls for assault weapon bans, gun confiscation plans, and a whole lot of other nonsense. It’s not surprising. After all, it’s….. Bearing Arms – Saving Liberty and Lives < click to continue reading

Dem-Controlled House Passes Magazine Ban And More

The U.S. House of Representatives passed three gun control bills on Tuesday, ramping up the pressure on the U.S. Senate to “do something” now that Congress has returned from its legislative…. Bearing Arms – Saving Liberty and Lives < click to continue reading

PRAGER: The Equation That Explains Evil

Our age loves scientific equations. Here’s one you weren’t taught at college but which affects you as much as the law of gravity: GI – W = E Good Intentions (GI) minus Wisdom (W) leads to … Daily Wire < click to continue reading

Is Kamala Harris Fit For Office?

by Samuel Di Gangi In America today, a person asking questions which have nothing to do with one’s race (and everything to do with facts) tends to wind up being called a “racist” by the PC crowd. This was seen vividly in the case of President Obama. For example, there are still those who wonder

Remember those Florida parents whose son was abducted by the state after they refused chemo treatments? The government has now assumed PERMANENT CUSTODY of the child

by Ethan Huff (Natural News) A Florida judge has officially ruled that the state, and not parents, represents the ultimate authority when it comes to making medical decisions for children. Noah McAdams, age four, will now be forced by Florida to continue receiving the toxic chemotherapy treatments that we previously reported his parents wanted to cease because they were