Liberal Columnist Claiming Trump’s Desire To ‘Murder People’

When entrusted to report the news, liberals have recently proven that they are unable to provide factual evidence to support their mythical claims but rather rely on their own extreme opinions, at least according to conservatives who still retain a level of common sense. Such occurred yet again when a liberal commentator provided the ridiculous

Pirro Blasts Mueller For Covering ‘Hillary Clinton’s Incompetence’

“Your credentials as a government serial cleaner are really good,” sniped Fox News host Jeanine Pirro, aiming her remarks at Robert Mueller and his corrupt grand inquisition. “They’re etched in the record. You testified, after four Americans are killed in Benghazi, to cover for Hillary Clinton’s incompetence.” The former judge unloaded her criticism on Mueller

REPORT: American Doctors FLEE INDUSTRY Over Bureaucracy, Shortages by 2030

REPORT: American Doctors FLEE INDUSTRY Over Bureaucracy, Shortages by 2030 The United States healthcare system is facing new challenges as the nation struggles under Obamacare’s burdensome regulations, with many doctors “changing careers” over mounting costs and increasing uncertainty. According to a new report from NBC News, New York University unveiled its new policy of “tuition

Career Navy Officer Sentenced For Classified Info Handling Charges

If there is an organization in the United States that takes its top secret and other classified materials seriously, it is the United States military, where mishandling materials doesn’t mean that someone gets to go and run for president, but rather that they spend years in a military prison. For one officer in the United

IMMIGRATION INSANITY: Previously Deported Migrant Charged with ‘SEXUAL BATTERY’ Against Teen

IMMIGRATION INSANITY: Previously Deported Migrant Charged with ‘SEXUAL BATTERY’ Against Teen Authorities in Florida confirmed Monday the arrest of a previously deported illegal immigrant on charges of “sexual battery” against a 16-year-old girl. According to Fox News, “31-year-old Jesus Ramirez-Velasco was arrested Saturday and admitted having sex with the girl at least 20 times since December

David Hogg: The David Hogg era in Congress begins seven years from now

There’s simply no need. By the time he’s eligible to run, President Avenatti will have already confiscated all of America’s guns. You will be surprised to learn that Rep. Hogg’s political awakening has made him not just a devout leftist on guns but a devout leftist on everything. [I]f he could design his future without

Italy to EU: YOU find a place for these migrants

There’s been an ongoing confrontation for several months now between Italy and the European Union over what to do with boatloads of migrants who are picked up at sea trying to reach Europe. Italy’s new government has made it clear that they feel they’ve done enough in terms of taking in refugees and want other

Man Freed Who Wanted To Devour A 14 Year Old Girl

WARNING: The details of this story may be offensive to some readers.  The Leonard Lake tapes on YouTube which show the 1980’s serial killer calmly talking about building a dungeon to enslave women in for sex and chores is easily one of the most disturbing videos on the internet. The State has reported that now

Brazilians attack, burn migrant camps of Venezuelan refugees

A few weeks ago we discussed the ongoing refugee crisis involving Venezuelans fleeing starvation, disease and violence in their home country. The majority of them have been attempting to travel through Columbia to Ecuador because there are more roads and civilization in general along that route. Some, however, have chosen to take the more dangerous

Radical Leftists Protest Gun Rights, Assault Trump Supporter

The political left has shown up for ‘counter protests’ to various events for months now, and they seem to constantly bring with them violence where there was none before they arrived. They’ve shown up to protest everything from conservative speakers at University of California Berkeley (where the original ‘free speech’ movement was born in the

Judge Orders FBI To Prove They Vetted Dirty Dossier

On Thursday, U.S. District Court Judge Amit Mehta issued an earthshaking ruling with serious consequences for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Days later, not one mainstream news media outlet has reported it. The FBI will be required to respond and publicly produce documents verifying the efforts they made to check the accuracy of Christopher Steele’s

#MeToo Leader Accused Of Paying Off Assault Accuser

A woman seen by many as the leader of the #MeToo movement has been accused of secretly paying off a younger male actor after he accused her of sexual misconduct. According to The New York Times, Asia Argento, an actress who was one of the first figures to publicly accuse movie producer Harvey Weinstein of

PARADISE LOST: Venezuela Launches ‘Largest DEVALUATION’ in History, Cuts Currency 95%

PARADISE LOST: Venezuela Launches ‘Largest DEVALUATION’ in History, Cuts Currency 95% Venezuelan officials struggled to regain control of the nation’s crumbling economy Monday; launching the “greatest devaluation” of any currency in the history of the world. Socialist President Nicolas Maduro is poised to introduce the experimental program this week; lowering the Venezuelan Bolivar by a

White House rejects offer to free Pastor Andrew Brunson

I wrote my first article on the imprisonment of American Pastor Andrew Brunson in Turkey more than 20 months ago. In the more than a year and a half that’s passed since then, there has been virtually no good news regarding Brunson’s prospects for the future. Despite numerous pleas and campaigns from many allied nations

Trump attorneys worry over what White House attorney told FBI attorneys

If you’re confused by all these Washington lawyers talking about Russiagate and the special prosecutor, each with their own client, each with his own agenda and strategy to fog and distract and protect in this high-priced, late-summer legal dancefest, then you’re not alone. So, get out your lawyer scorecard, we have an update: You’ve probably