The Betrayal Of The Elites

“…it’s the progressive elites who are destroying our institutions, opposing their purposes and missions, and so the meaning and structure of our li… Zero Hedge < continue reading

AG Barr is thinking of resigning over Trump tweets

Attorney General Bill Barr told people close to him that he’s considering stepping down over President Trump’s tweets., multiple reports said Tuesday, days after Barr admitted that Trump’s tweeting m… Independent Sentinel < continue reading

Boy Scouts of America files for bankruptcy – WND

(WASHINGTON EXAMINER) — The Boy Scouts of America filed for bankruptcy protection following hundreds of lawsuits alleging sexual abuse within the organization. The Chapter 11 petition filed in Delaware early Tuesday put a pause on the lawsuits t… WND – A Free Press for a Free People < continue reading

No One Gets Out Of Here Alive

The pillaging of your wealth, rigged markets, fraud, and buying off the regulatory system is now the standard operating procedure in our outlaw surveillance … Zero Hedge < continue reading

Major Cities Fighting Cancer-Causing 5G Technology

by: Tracey Watson It is an undisputed fact that cell phones emit radiation, and that after prolonged exposure, the human body can absorb this radiation. The speed at which technological developments have rolled out in the past few years means that the long-term effects of exposure to these high levels of radiation are not yet properly

“Dumb & Unqualified,” Amy Klobuchar

During an interview for Telemundo, a channel that covers Latin America and is owned by NBC Universal, presidential hopeful Amy Klobuchar not only couldn’t name the President of Mexico, she made a… Independent Sentinel < continue reading