Key video clips of Saturday’s impeachment trial

President Trump’s legal team began the overview of their case against impeachment on Saturday and came out on the offense. It’s only a teaser of what is to come. They will come out in full force on M… Independent Sentinel < continue reading

Chief Scientist Of WHO Admits To Vaccine Dangers

by Samuel Di Gangi Over the years, perhaps more than ever in recent years, a vast and ever-growing number of “conspiracy theories” have been proven to be true. The world has heard “crackpot” theories on such things as big tech spying, the merging of man with computer, the contaminating of the USS Ronald Reagan during

The Schiff Show……

by Ben Garrison Schiff spent endless hours before the Senate repeating his lies, and many Americans tuned him out. He once again brought up Russia! Russia! Russia! Even though the Mueller Report was an utter flop that proved Trump’s innocence. Schiff also ignored the fact that Joe Biden is guilty of gross corruption and quid

Schumer slams Fox News over impeachment trial

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer took a swipe at Fox News, both on Wednesday and Thursday in speaking of the impeachment trial. Wednesday’s impeachment hearing “may have been the first… Independent Sentinel < continue reading