NBC News: “Heterosexuality Is Just Not Working” » Sons of Liberty Media

This past week, NBC News put out clear propaganda opinion piece in which the writer asserted that women are moving away from heterosexuality because it’s “the bedrock of their global oppression, and to make matters worse, the writer adds that “heterosexuality is just not working.” Seriously, you can’t make this up. “Men need heterosexuality to

University Police Can No Longer Store Weapons Under I-1639

AP Photo/Charles Krupa, File Gun control advocates will sometimes claim that their proposals are needed to help police. Even the odd police chief will make the claim. What’s worse is that they… Conservative Blog & Conservative News Source for Right of Center Activists | RedState < click to continue reading

Ted Malloch: True Virtue vs. Virtue Signaling

Guest post by Ted Malloch The “Woke Left” and its counterpart, the mainstream media, are guilty of constantly virtue signaling — without a clue about the definition, meaning or purpose of true virtues.   They have no idea where true virtues come from, how they fit together or how they undergird a beneficial life for

Beautiful Melania Trump Dazzles France at G7 Appearance

First Lady Melania Trump dazzled world leaders on Saturday at the G7 formal dinner at the Biarritz lighthouse.   First Lady Melania Trump is wearing a Pleated Technical Jersey Dress by Gucci tonight to attend the 2019 G7 Summit dinner in Biarritz, France. #PoweroftheFirstLady #BeBest pic.twitter.com/Lwb9r8NwOp — FLOTUS Report (@MELANIAJTRUMP) August 24, 2019 And the

Wow! Crazed Democrat Debbie Mucarsel-Powell: Illegal Immigration Is “Really Not Affecting American People”

Crazed Democrat Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell (D-FL) went on with CNN on Friday to argue that illegal immigration is “really not affecting the American people.” It was one of the more ignorant things Democrats said this week. Dem Rep: illegal immigration is “really not affecting American people”https://t.co/17t5X217O7 pic.twitter.com/oh2Z3FHovr — RNC Research (@RNCResearch) August 23, 2019 This

Breaking! Trump SLAPS China with NEW TARIFFS!

Hang on to your 401k, folks, here we go!! El Presidente Trumpo just slapped China with higher tariffs after they retaliated against us with high tariffs today and the stock market took The Right Scoop < click to continue reading

TPUSA Activist: 2020 Democrats Claim Ignorance, Refuse to Condemn Antifa | Breitbart

Turning Point USA (TPUSA) activist and student Zach Doehermann told Breitbart News that multiple 2020 Democrat primary presidential candidates claimed that they did not know what Antifa was after being asked if they would denounce the organization widely known for terrorizing conservatives. Doehermann joined host SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily Alex Marlow in a Wednesday interview for TPUSA’s

Biden Asks New Hampshire Audience to Imagine Barack Obama’s Assassination

2020 Democrat front runner Joe Biden held a town hall event in Hanover, New Hampshire on Friday to discuss his healthcare plan. Biden, who is known for his gaffes and over all awkwardness, asked the audience to imagine Barack Obama’s assassination during a question-and-answer session. Once again Biden brought up the assassinations of Martin Luther

David Koch Dead: Liberals Joyously Celebrate – Conservative Daily Post

This morning, Charles Koch announced the death of his brother, David H. Koch, who have been instrumental in supporting conservatives in politics using their personal billions. Of course, the news was a signal to callous and unfeeling leftists for celebration. NBC reported: Charles Koch announced the death on Friday, Home – Conservative Daily Post <

Ruth Bader Ginsburg has Pancreatic Cancer and Received Radiation; Too Bad Google and YouTube are Censoring Cancer Cures that Actually Work

Earlier today the US Supreme Court disclosed that Ginsburg received treatment this summer at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York. The beloved Supreme Court Justice has pancreatic cancer and is receiving radiation. It’s too bad research on real alternatives that could save Ginsburg’s life are no longer readily available online. The tech giants

Stop Calling Your Representatives In Government “Leaders”! » Sons of Liberty Media

Anti Fed Ed Warriors, we’ve seen time and time again, how our Congressional elected leaders (you know, they like to be called ‘representatives’ or ‘senators’) are NOT leading America to remain a free and independent, prosperous country. You know them as Congress members. Somewhere down the Congressional line of creating legislation, it was cast aside that ANYlegislation (proposed or turned into law) which was repugnant (unpleasant and

“We Don’t Need China and Frankly Would Be Far Better Off Without Them” – PRESIDENT TRUMP Blasts Chinese Regime After Threats of New Tariffs — Market Reacts

On Friday the Chinese Communist Government announced new tariffs on $ 75 billion of US imports. The new Chinese tariffs ill apply to US soybeans, lobsters, peanut butter and other imports worth $ 75 billion with new tariffs. President Trump fired off several tweets following the Chinese announcement on new tariffs today. Our Country has