Vaccine Scandal Censorship In America Modeled After Communist China

(Natural News) The vaccine scandal that’s exploding in China is a mirror image of the vaccine scandals that have been covered up in America by the CDC, a military organization run by military intelligence officials. In both countries, the media are ordered to censor / blacklist the entire story in order to withhold the truth…

Terror Plaguing London, Mayor Khan Has New Plan For Vehicles

London Mayor Sadiq Khan proposed banning cars from entering certain areas on Wednesday, as a way to combat terror. As noted by Politico, Khan said he has a “designed solution” that he will unveil in response to the suspected terror attack on Tuesday, where a man used his car to intentionally plow through a group

Back to school time… for illegal aliens?

Depending on where in the United States you live, K-12 students are either already heading back to school or preparing to do so soon. But some schools are facing a unique challenge this year if they happen to have an immigration enforcement detention center holding large numbers of illegal immigrant children within their district. That’s

Muslim Shooting Compound Wrecked, Authorities Removed Some Evidence, Not All

NEW DEVELOPMENT: Authorities have partially bulldozed the #NMCompound – trailer that was the main dwelling on the property has been dragged out and seized. ammo/bulletproof vest/paperwork remain. @NBCNews — Gadi Schwartz (@GadiNBC) August 15, 2018 SHARE ON FACEBOOK | SHARE ON TWITTER The post Muslim Shooting Compound Wrecked, Authorities Removed Some Evidence, Not All

Sunday morning talking heads

It’s all hands on deck for John Brennan’s allies on the Sunday shows as natsec veterans show up to complain about his security clearance being revoked. Brennan himself is the lead guest on “Meet the Press” but he has back-up elsewhere. On “Face the Nation” it’ll be former Obama CIA chief Leon Panetta while James

Bruce Ohr Texts, Emails Show Steele’s Connections To Obama’s FBI, DOJ

Newly released text messages and emails show Department of Justice official Bruce Ohr had a much deeper connection to top brass in the Obama administration than previously known. According to, handwritten notes, texts, and emails from Ohr show that he had a very close relationship with former British spy Christopher Steele and top figures

Living food guru Dr. Gabriel Cousens joins

(Natural News) Dr. Gabriel Cousens has joined and is posting a full library of videos on living foods, how to beat diabetes, the dangers of 5G wireless and much more. If you’re looking for food wisdom from an expert in longevity and living foods, Dr. Cousens has a tremendous collection of wisdom to explore….

The Hoax Of The “Palestinians”

Once the people had been created, their desire for peace could be easily fabricated as well. Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu tutored Arafat in how to play the West like a fiddle. Sons of Liberty Media

War on the press: Media barred from townhall held by … Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez; Update: Attendees needed to feel “safe”

I’m surprised. Historically, when have socialists ever been enemies of press freedom? Get excited for “Reliable Sources” this weekend on CNN, when stalwart media defender Brian Stelter will respond to this troubling precedent from a left-wing Democrat by ignoring it. [W]hen Ocasio-Cortez returned to the district for a Bronx community meeting with prominent healthcare activist

Four Children Stabbed In London, One Boy ‘Disemboweled’

Four children were stabbed in a south London, United Kingdom suburb by a whole heap of attackers, who have been taken into custody and are being questioned. According to The Metro U.K., one of the four boys was attacked so brutally that he was allegedly disemboweled by one of the attackers. Many would agree that

See the Diamond and Silk “Dummycrats” movie trailer BANNED by Facebook

(Natural News) Diamond and Silk’s new movie trailed “Dummycrats” has been banned by Facebook. Why? Because it’s so incredibly funny, no doubt. The full film is being launched soon, and it’s already being attacked by the usual left-wing authoritarians who don’t think conservative black women should be allowed to speak. “Stay on the Democrat plantation!”…

ESPN may have finally solved the National Anthem protest problem

ESPN has been suffering from some severely atrophied ratings of late to the point where they’ve had to lay off significant numbers of staffers. What could be going wrong? Plenty of people on social media were hinting that the network has gone far too political and it’s turning off viewers who are looking for recreation

State Politicians Back Gun Rights, Give Banks $600 Million Lesson

One of the most interesting outcomes from the leftist ‘outrage’ over the shooting in Parkland, Florida, is that certain companies began to feel like it was okay to target those who enjoyed their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. Banks and insurance companies joined the bandwagon, suddenly ending their relationship with the National

Mike Adams issues statement on Trump’s censorship warning to social media tech giants

(Natural News) Today, President Trump finally drew the line in the sand, tweeting out his call for action against the evil tech giants that are committing mass criminal collusion and fraud against America with their coordinated, malicious censorship of pro-liberty voices. Here’s what Trump tweeted: Social Media is totally discriminating against Republican/Conservative voices. Speaking loudly…

Does Cynthia Nixon understand her own universal rent control plan?

Ever since New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s “gaffe” this week when he said that America was never that great to begin with, a stir has arisen on social media. Could this be it? Is this the silver bullet that finally pierces the political hide of the normally Teflon Cuomo family dynasty? And could it mean

Pentagon Strips Whistleblower of Security Clearance After Exposing Millions Paid to Clinton Crony & FBI Spy

Pentagon whistleblower Adam Lovinger, a 12-year-veteran of the Pentagon’s Office of Net Assessment (ONA), had his security clearance revoked and he was demoted after filing a complaint about questionable contracts with FBI spy Stefan Halper and a company headed by Chelsea Clinton’s “best friend” for whom then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arranged meetings. Sons of Liberty Media