Dirty vaccines are proof that the RISKS outweigh the benefits – a look into the health repercussions from vaccines over the past 75 years

by: S.D. Wells Many people still believe today that Dr. Jonas Salk was the “God” of cult pharmacology because he invented the polio vaccine. But did he? In actuality, all he did was conduct illegal medical experiments on mental patients, while the steady decline of mortality from infectious diseases was instantly (and falsely) credited to him

House Dems Announce Two Articles of Impeachment

Democrats on Tuesday unveiled two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump. There will likely be a full House vote as early as next week. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler announced t… Independent Sentinel < click to continue reading

A 5,000-Year-Old Plan to Erase Debts Is Now a Hot Topic in America

by Ben Holland Bloomberg In ancient Babylon, a newly enthroned king would declare a jubilee, wiping out the population’s debts. In modern America, a faint echo of that idea — call it jubilee-lite — is catching on. Support for write-offs has been driven by Democratic presidential candidates. Elizabeth Warren says she’d cancel most of the

The Woke Media: Apologists For The State

“…it is doubtful we ever can roll back those levels of state power, and we will see Woke journalism not being a barrier to state-sponsored oppression, but rather its enabler…” … Zero Hedge < click to continue reading

Holiday: Father-daughter gift ideas

By: Tawny Maya McCray From Barbie cruise ships to stuffed goats, these fathers have seen it all. For dads looking to please their little princess this Christmas, there are a lot of good options out there. With myri… BizPac Review < click to continue reading

Vermont taxpayers will now be forced to pay for the transgender mutilation of children… State-sponsored medical mutilations are now a reality thanks to LGBT delusions

by: Ethan Huff If you’re under the age of 21, suffer from gender dysphoria, and live in Vermont, you’ll now be able to get the “gender affirmation” surgeries and hormones you crave for free, thanks to new rules that force taxpayers to foot the bill for all LGBTQ “transition” procedures. naturalnews.com < click to continue reading

Neonatal nurse says government-mandated vaccines are “destroying an entire generation of children”

by: Ethan Huff The VAXXED II film bus is currently touring the country in promotion of this groundbreaking sequel to the original VAXXED documentary. And one of the people interviewed by tour host and actress Polly Tommey was Michelle Rowton, a neonatal nurse who wasn’t shy in declaring that the conventional medical system is “destroying an entire generation of children” with toxic

Stunning statement from US Attorney John Durham

The U.S. attorney who is conducting a wide-ranging investigation of the origins of the Trump-Russia probe released a rare statement Monday saying he disagrees with conclusions of the so-called FISA report. The com… Independent Sentinel < click to continue reading

Emboldened Democrats propose new law to monitor all your credit card purchases and red flag you if you are buying guns and ammo

by: JD Heyes They say “elections have consequences” and that’s absolutely correct — they do.  And Virginia conservatives, Republicans, and liberty-loving independents are realizing these consequences by the day after Democrats managed to win control over the legislative assembly and governorship in November. naturalnews.com < click to continue reading

Prepare for persecution: The anti-Christian agenda of America’s public schools & the premeditated undermining of the faith and morals of our children & what we can do to turn the tide

by Maria Kneas For generations, American children have been taught humanist beliefs and values in public schools. Their Christian morals have been undermined by values clarification and other techniques. This results in radically changing the beliefs and moral values of the children. naturalnews.com < click to continue reading