MIDTERM MIKE: Bloomberg Pledges $80 MILLION to Help Dems Retake Congress

MIDTERM MIKE: Bloomberg Pledges $ 80 MILLION to Help Dems Retake Congress Former Big Apple Mayor and gun-control activist Michael Bloomberg announced Wednesday his plan to donate at least $ 80 million to help the Democratic Party retake control of Congress this fall. According to the New York Post, the left-leaning philanthropist and business mogul

Mom And Girlfriend Arrested In Child’s Grisly Death A Year Later

Many people remember the tragic death of six foster children at the hands of their ‘mothers,’ recently. Some studies have implied that same-sex couples are more violent in the family unit than heterosexuals, a bit of reading that makes the PC crowd a bit uncomfortable. Now, Fox News has published another story involving a lesbian

Trump not making the sale on House immigration bills?

The other bills, that is, not the stopgap effort announced by Paul Ryan and backed by the White House earlier today. The efforts to pass a significant immigration reform effort just four months ahead of a midterm election appear to be foundering, a number of media outlets report. Despite his reversal and strong support for either

FBI Altered Key Witness Reports To Cover Trump Prejudice

According to Mark Meadows (R-N.C.), the FBI is still breaking the law. They intentionally “edited and changed” witness reports after they were signed. The chairman of the Freedom Caucus is convinced the FBI then “misled” Inspector General Michael Horowitz on purpose as to why they improperly blacked out witness identities. “There is growing evidence that

The Honored Dead come home

Despite the criticism coming from various quarters over President Trump’s visit with Kim Jong-un, there was one item of positive news which I certainly hope nobody could argue with. North Korea agreed to begin returning the remains of the Honored Dead of the United States, missing for nearly 70 years, so they can be placed

California’s effort to restrict police use of force hits a wall

In yet another swipe at the police, California is currently working on a bill which would alter the circumstances under which law enforcement officers may resort to the use of lethal force when confronting suspects. This is a very popular idea with the social justice crowd on the left coast, but it’s unclear how much

DOJ Official Lied To IG About Email Tipping Off Clinton Campaign

One of the worst things about the Hillary Clinton investigation is how much information it seems that she, and her political allies, had about the investigation before it ever began, and before that information was made public. It doesn’t help that it seems so many individuals in the agencies tasked with investigating her already had

Democrats demand end to firing delinquent government workers, union reforms

As we’ve recently discussed, President Trump signed a series of executive orders which seek to ease the process for firing delinquent government workers and institute reforms in how government worker unions operate inside of federal offices. The National Treasury Employees Union has already gone to court to try to stop these reforms and HUD ran


‘FREEDOM CITY’: Austin, Texas Takes ‘SANCTUARY STATUS’ to the NEXT LEVEL The liberal bastion of Austin, Texas took its fight against the state government and Trump administration to the next level this month, passing new legislation that declared the left-wing enclave the nation’s first ‘Freedom City.’ According to the Los Angeles Times, the new guidelines