Daily Briefing – August 12, 2020

Senior editor, Ash Bennington, joins Robert Leonard, VP of Growth and Innovation at The Investor’s Podcast Network, to discuss how novice and millennial… … Zero Hedge | On a long enough timeline the survival rate for everyone drops to zero < continue reading


  Why are we panicked about a virus that’s so mild you have to be tested in order to know if you even have it? If Covid is so lethal and spreading like wildfire, why do the numbers have to be manipulated to make it appear like there are more cases and more deaths than

From Polio to COVID19….

… a Never More Relevant Forensic Examination of the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act and it’s Consequences https://1986theact.com/ < To Watch Movie

Rep Ilhan Omar fends off primary challenger

Anti-Semitic, anti-American Rep. Ilhan Omar fended off her well-funded challenger Antone Melton Meaux, an attorney and mediator. What kind of people live in her district and why did they vote for her? Do … Independent Sentinel < continue reading

BREAKING: Biden Chooses Kamala Harris as VP Nominee

Joe Biden chose California Senator Kamala Harris as his Vice President nominee. Politico reported: Joe Biden has selected Sen. Kamala Harris to be his running mate, elevating a charismatic blue-state senator, former prosecutor and onetime 202… The Gateway Pundit – Where Hope Finally Made a Comeback < continue reading


During every election cycle, Democrats reflexively accuse Republicans of racism-motivated “voter suppression,” simply because the GOP believes voters should identify themselves before voting, to prove they … Home – WND < continue reading

Google to identify business owners by race

Google will now support businesses based on the color of their skin. MLK Jr. would not approve. Google Maps’ verified Twitter account revealed that it is rolling out an attribute that it sa… Independent Sentinel < continue reading

Good News in History, August 10

60 years ago today, Los Angeles moviegoers experienced Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho for the first time. After wrangling with movie censors over controversial scenes—the opening shot contained an unmarried couple sharing a bed, the lead actress Janet Leigh in a bra, the infamous shower scene which was unprecedented, and the first close-up s… Good News, Inspiring,

Nancy Pelosi Crows: “China would prefer Joe Biden” [Video]

Nancy Pelosi joined CNN’s Dana Bash this morning to discuss the latest on Joe Biden and President Trump. In a strange clip from the interview, House Speaker Pelosi repeatedly claims that China would “prefer” that Joe Biden is P… 100PercentFedUp.com * Conservative news, social commentary and breaking stories. Up-to-date election and legislation news. < continue